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Password Protected Areas

Here's a brief rundown of the password protected areas on our web site and who we provide access to for each area:

  • My Asahi - Customer Portal. Click here to log in or request User ID and Password.
  • Price Lists – This area is open to all authorized Asahi/America distributors. If your company has a company number with us we'll provide you an id and password. You'll gain access to all our printed list prices sheets and be able to download pdf copies of each book.
  • Welding Tool Certification Form - This form is exclusively reserved for authorized Asahi/America distributors and welding tool trainers. After logging in select the appropriate joining method and complete the form. We will process your request for a welding certification card in a timely manner.
    Once you enter your user id and password below, you'll gain access to every area that you have been granted access. If you need  access to a specific area please click on the link below to obtain an id and password.

Customer Portal Login

Please login below if you want access to our protected files.

NOTE: Please click here to login to our Distributor Order Management Section. This portal will not give you access to that section of our web site.

Need access? Click here to learn about requesting a username and password.

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