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Plastic Manual Ball Valves

Omni® Type-27 Ball Valve (3/8" – 2")

The Omni® Type-27 plastic manual valves are economical, one-piece valves that cannot be taken apart. Omni® plastic manual ball valves are molded body design quarter turn valves with hyperbolic flow characteristics, low pressure drops and reliable sealing. They offer relatively poor flow control and are typically used in on/off applications. They are excellent for use in clean fluid service applications with very little to no suspended solids. Omni® ball valves are well suited for a wide variety of fluid flow applications.

New Features

  • New - smooth contour handle design
  • New - design body with internal threads
  • New - threaded end carrier
  • Dual stem O-rings
  • Common parts*

*Parts Interchangeability with Type-21a and Type-21

- Ball, Stem, PTFE Seat, O-ring


  • 3/8"-2" PVC/EPDM


Data Sheets
Ideal Applications Include:

Isolation valves, water treatment, water features, fountains, aquariums, landfills, swimming pools, power plants, mining, transportation, chemical processing


3/8" – 2"

Bodies Materials:


Seals Materials:


Body Type:

Single piece


  • 2-way blocking valve
  • Compact, low profile
  • Unibody sealed carrier construction
  • Short face to face dimension
  • 2-Stem O-rings
  • PTFE seats with elastomeric backing
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Full vacuum service rating
  • Full port opening
  • Accepts molded ISO top flange for actuation mounting


  • Electrically Actuated Series 83 - 120, 220 12/24 VAC,12/24 VDC