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Acrobat™ Productivity Package 250-630

Available for purchase or rental

The Acrobat™ Productivity Package fusion machine for 250-630mm offers a great lightweight machine for large diameter piping systems. All of the components are lightweight, and can be assembled onto the pipe overhead, or assembled onto it’s base frame to use as a standard hydraulic butt welding machine. Each of these size packages requires the QuickFit® core package.

Note: The McElroy Acrobat QuickFit® Core Package is required for each of the size-specific QuickFit® tools.


Data Sheet

Operations Manual

Welding Parameters

McElroy’s Acrobat machines that feature the QuikFit® carriage are size-specific and are composed of lightweight, modular components so that the upper and lower jaws can be assembled around the pipe by hand. This eliminates the difficulty of lifting and fitting an entire carriage into a small space. It will fuse pipe in any orientation that is required on plumbing, mechanical and HVAC installations, including vertical and overhead. The Acrobat 355/400 size range is 355mm and 400mm (14” and 16” nominal)
Ideal Applications Include:

Please refer to the Welding Selection Chart for ideal applications.


Size Range:

250mm to 630mm (10" to 24" nominal)


See Welding Selection Chart


See Welding Selection Chart

Shipping Dimensions:

Crate 1: 58"x48"x45"

Crate 2: 48"x44"x32"

Shipping Weight:

Crate 1: 630 lbs.

Crate 2: 610 lbs.


  • Modular, lightweight carriage and facer assemble around the pipe for optimal close-quarter fusion
  • Includes 250mm to 630mm inserts
  • Four different sized heaters
  • Stackable shipping container designed to store all machine components


  • Butt Fusion


  • Use of the DataLogger® with the Acrobat™ series of tools will record the weld process from start to finish.