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Type-23 Multiport True Union Ball Valve (1/2" - 6")

Type-23 Multiport™ plastic ball valves are three way ball valves with true union design. The use of a multiport ball valve simplifies piping and eliminates the need for an additional valve and tee fitting. A “L” ported ball valve permits flow from the bottom entry to either the left or right ports or to an OFF position. An optional tee ported ball allows simultaneous left and right flow versatile ball valves with two “branches” and one “leg”. Fluid flow direction is governed by an interchangeable ball in the center of the valve. Because this ball can be swapped out to offer a number of different flow patterns, the Type-23 Multiport™ valve is customizable to specific applications. Similar to other ball valves, the Type-23 Multiport™ valve has a low pressure drop and works best in applications with zero to very low concentrations of suspended solids. True union ball valves can be lifted from the line, without having to move the piping, simply by loosening the two union nuts. The valves can be disassembled, and parts may be replaced.The Type-23 Multiport™ valve may be pneumatically or electrically actuated.

Ball patterns:

  • Single L-port (All sizes) – A single drilled L-port ball capable of diverting fluids through either the left or right branch with a 180º handle rotation. Also offers an "all off" position in the center where all ports are closed.
  • Double L-port (All sizes) – A double drilled L-port ball capable of diverting fluids through either the left or right branch with a 90º handle rotation. Because of the drill pattern, one port is always open so there is no "all off" position.
  • Triple L-port (All sizes) – A triple drilled L-port ball capable of diverting fluids through either the left or right branch with a 180 degree rotation. Also provides for an "all on" position where all ports are open.
  • T-port (All sizes) – A "T" drilled ball capable of opening or closing all valve ports.
  • Cross-port (1/2" – 2") – A proprietary ball capable of providing several different flow patterns using a 180º handle rotation.


  • 1/2"- 4" PVC/EPDM
  • 1/2"- 4" PVC/FKM


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Ideal Applications Include:

Mixing, blending, diverting, isolating and parallel pipelines. Commonly used industries include chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, mining, water treatment, swimming pools, water features, fountains, landfills and power plants.



1/2" - 4"*

*6” end connections available for 4" valve bodies


EPDM, FKM, Aflas®, Kalrez®, others

Body Materials:


End Connections:

Socket, Threaded, Butt (Spigot) DIN Socket, IPS Socket, Flanged
*6” end connections available for 4" valve bodies


  • True union design on all three ports
  • Double O-ring seals on stem for added protection
  • Integrally molded ISO mounting pad for both manual and actuated operations
  • Blow-out proof, solid mold bottom entry design
  • Blocks from left or right union ports, leaving full pressure on the opposite end of valve
  • Standard L port ball permits flow from common port to either left or right port or to off position
  • PTFE seats with elastomeric backing cushions ensure bubble tight shut-off and a low fixed torque, while at the same time compensating for wear
  • Built-in spanner wrench on the handle for valve disassembly and assembly
  • All sizes rated for full vacuum service
  • Eliminates need for additional valve and tee