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Sediment Strainer Drain Socket Kit

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Asahi/America Inc., introduces Sediment Strainer Drain socket kits complete with Omni® ball valves for quick and easy cleaning of sediment strainer screens without removing the screen support assembly. The ball valve can be opened to purge the screen area of waste and debris. Valve is supplied loose for piping waste pipe to desired location.

Dave Strain Drain Video 2016

Click here to watch a video explaining the features and benefits of the Strainer Drain Kit

Ideal Applications Include:



1/2" - 2"





1/2" and 3/4" Screen housing and 1/2" Omni kit

1" - 2" Screen housing and 1" Omni kit


  • Kits available for ½" – 2" PVC Sediment Strainers
  • ½" & ¾" strainers use ½" socket Omni® 1" – 2" strainers use 1" socket Omni®
  • Supplied as a kit, includes new screen support housing, split ring, union nut, end connector and Omni® Ball valve
  • PVC SCH80 pipe not supplied
  • Sediment Strainer sold separately