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Flow Control Packages

Asahi's patented Ultrasonic Flow Meter Technology and Dymatrix™ Pinch Valves make Falconics™ the ultimate choice for flow control of CMP slurry. Our ultrasonic technology creates a directionally concentrated and repeatable flow signal despite bubbles and temperature fluctuations. Asahi's proven Dymatrix™ pinch Valve offers the most durable and reliable valve for aggressive slurry. Together, these features provide highly accurate control and fast response times, which generates a strong ROI.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

CMP Slurry


Flow Ranges:

50 - 500 mL/min
25 - 250 mL/min


3% S.P.


1.5% S.P.

Response time:

< 3.0 sec

Shut off speed:

< 3.0 sec

Operating Pressure:

14.5 – 43.5psi

Flush Pressure*:

80 psi

Medium Temperature:

59 – 95° F (15 - 35° C)

End Connections:

1/4” Flare or S300


24 VDC

Current Draw:

0.4 Amp

Output Signals:

4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

Signal Connection:

RS 485

Purge Flow Rate:

20 L/min (ANR)

Purge Connector:

5/32” OD


  • Fast and accurate flow control reduces waste
  • Ultrasonic Technology generates precision
  • Straight flow path prevents slurry clogging
  • Dymatrix™ Pinch Valve provides long life