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Standard Freight Policy

Click here to obtain a copy of Asahi/America's freight policy.

Valves, Actuators, Pipe, Fittings & Equipment

Freight will be allowed on the following orders:

  • $ 2,000.00 Net or greater for valves.*
  • $ 5,000.00 Net or greater for actuators
  • $ 5,000.00 Net or greater for single wall pipe and fittings.

* Combined orders of valves, actuators and pipe must meet requirements of pipe/actuator orders to qualify for freight allowed.

Freight will be allowed on the following orders for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico:

  • $ 3,000.00 Net or greater for valves.
  • $ 25,000.00 Net or greater for single wall pipe and fittings.

The following shipments are NOT freight allowed:

  • International orders
  • All HDPE products excluding Air-Pro and Chem Proline
  • Rental machines
  • Prefabricated pipe spools
  • EM-Technik products
  • Dymatrix specialty valves
  • Polytetra heat exchangers & heaters
  • Pro-Lock piping
  • Dual wall pipe and fitting orders
  • Leak detection equipment


  • All truck shipments are via common carrier and are to be selected by Asahi/America, Inc.
  • Selection of alternate carriers is negotiable between Distributors and Asahi/America, Inc.
  • Freight charges for expedited portions of freight allowed shipments are the responsibility of the distributor.
  • Freight charges on freight allowed backorders will be paid by Asahi/America, Inc.
  • Freight for add-ons and releases will not be allowed.
  • Returns of rental equipment must be prepaid.
  • Freight will not be allowed on oversized loads, spools, double lengths of pipe, etc.
  • International orders must include contact name, telephone or fax number, and international freight account number.

Terms and Conditions

Shipments: Asahi/America will not be liable for any delay in performance of orders or contracts, or in delivery of shipment of goods, or for any damage suffered by buyer by reason of such delay performance, when such delay is directly or indirectly caused by acts of God, war, labor difficulties, shortage of materials, or supplies beyond its control. Asahi/America reserves the right to discontinue products and make changes in products offered at any time.

Claims: All claims must be made in writing and received by Asahi/America within 10 days after receipt of merchandise. If a shipment is received in damaged condition, a claim must be filed with the delivering carrier and noted on the freight bill before you accept the merchandise. Returns and Cancellations: Refer to our policy on next page.

Terms: 2% 15 days. Net 30 days. An interest charge of 1-1/2% percent per month (an annual rate of 18%) will be charged in states where legal on the unpaid balance owed together with cost of collection including reasonable attorney's costs.

Minimum Billing Charge: Asahi/America will charge a $75.00 net minimum order requirement on all orders.

Any tax or duty imposed by any government will be added to the sales price.