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T-342 Diaphragm Valve with Sanitary End Connections

The sanitary end connections for the T-342 diaphragm valve (available in PVDF, PPn, and PP) are added using beadless welding, which leaves no weld bead or crevice for bacteria buildup. Available in 1/2" - 2" (20mm - 63mm) in Purad PVDF®, PolyPure® PPn, or PP-Pure® PP high purity resins. The T-342 diaphragm valve with sanitary end connectors is fabricated in our class 1000 cleanroom. The valve comes cleaned and double bagged for shipping to ensure a particle-free product arrives at the jobsite. 


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Islolation & Throttling Valves, UPW, WFI, RO/DI Systems, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Institutional, Laboratory Research, Nanotech


Purad® UHP PVDF, PolyPure® natural polypropylene, PP-Pure® pigmented polypropylene


1/2" - 2" (20 - 63mm)

Bonnet Material:



PTFE with EPDM backing; EPDM


Hand wheel


  • Unibody molded construction valve  
  • Beadless welds maintain smooth pipe ID with no weld bead or crevices for bacteria build-up
  • Ideal for lifescience and pharmaceutical industries
  • Fabricated in a class 1000 cleanroom
  • Cleaned and double bagged for shipping
  • No wetted metal components
  • Integral lockout device to prevent unauthorized cycling can be locked in multiple positions
  • Position indicator with marked 25%, 50%, and 75% open positions
  • Fully serviceable with replacement diaphragms available


  • Air-to-spring (open & closed)
  • Air-to-air min/max stroke limiter
  • Electric position feedback
  • Magnetic position feedback
  • Manual override handwheel