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Series 83 on Type-21 Ball Valve (1/2"-2") - DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

Please note: effective 9/1/23, the Electromni® will no longer be available for purchase. Please see Series 19 CAV Com Pack® actuators as a direct replacement option.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining


  • PVC or CPVC Type-21 ball valve
  • Standard models are 115 VAC thermally protected with single limit switch cam/coupling activated
  • Redesigned sealed weatherproof enclosure includes:
    • Flanged cover and base Type 4X rated enclosure with Nitrile flat gasket seal
    • Nitrile O-ring or gasket valve to actuator base seal
    • Nitrile motor mounting bolt seals
    • Redesigned NPT threaded to base 90º elbow provides 1/2" NPT conduit entry with 6" color-coded wire leads
  • Integrated ISO mounting pattern baseplates (Type-21 and Type-23 models)
  • Direct mounted valves no mounting bracket required
  • Sealed 90º cable entry elbow
  • Captivated stainless steel hex head slotted cover screws
  • Quarter turn five second cycle time unidirectional (120 & 220 VAC) motors
  • Compact and low profile, ideal for OEM type installations


  • Voltages: 220 VAC, 12/24 VAC, 12/24 VDC
  • Two-wire control relay for retrofitting solenoid (Requires constant power and SPST dry contact switching)
  • One additional limit switch for open/close position indication
  • Amber/green position indicating lights