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Purad® Ultra High Purity PVDF Piping System

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Purad® UHP PVDF is the premier product for high purity water systems. The SOLEF™ PVDF resin we carefully selected and our stringent cleanroom manufacturing process provides the cleanest piping material available. Purad® is the best choice for systems with critical requirements for water quality and the prevention of product manufacturing impacts.

Purad® is the only system with a complete range of fittings in the thin wall SDR 33 (150psi) for 90 & 110mm (3" and 4") sizes. This option provides significant cost savings for Asahi customers.


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Ideal Applications Include:

UPW, WFI, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Pharmaceutical, Nanotech

Supply Range


20 - 315mm (1/2" - 12") SDR 21, 230psi
90 - 315mm (3" - 12") SDR 33, 150psi



  • High purity resin and manufacturing offers extremely low leachouts
  • Wide range of components including zero deadleg valves, pressure regulators and specialty fittings
  • Thin wall SDR 33 offers cost savings starting at 90mm (3")
  • Complemented by our cutting-edge SP series fusion equipment