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Asahi/America Fast Facts

  • Asahi/America, Inc. pioneered the thermoplastic valve industry in the US during the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Asahi/America has established standards in the thermoplastic industry with regard to new product development and improvement, system engineering, customer support, and scope of applications. Asahi/America has one of the industry's largest distributor networks, with nearly 1,000 locations throughout the United States and Latin America.
  • Asahi Yukizai Corporation continues to be one of the largest plastic valve manufacturers in the world, in terms of size range, product variety and total sales.
  • "One-Stop-Shop" philosophy - Asahi/America is able to offer end-users a turnkey approach for fluid flow systems design and equipment purchasing. With a broad product base, a large engineering and R&D staff, and over 45 years of application experience, Asahi is able to meet virtually all requirements for thermoplastic industrial valves, controls, and pipe.


1971 Utilities Supply Corporation appointed by Trans Global Metals (TGM), a sub-agent for Asahi Yukizai Corporation products for New England - Asahi Sales of New England created.
1972 TGM extends Asahi Sales of New England's territory to east coast of United States - Asahi Atlantic created. Asahi Atlantic sets up distributors for Asahi Yukizai Corporation product on the East Coast of the United States.
1973 Asahi Yukizai Corporation replaces TGM and through Ataka Trading Company appoints Utilities Supply its exclusive agent for Asahi Yukizai Corporation for all of United States. Tradestyle Asahi/America is established.
1974 Asahi/America starts a national advertising program, sets up a national distribution network, creates an Asahi Yukizai Corporation product catalog and develops a pricing structure. Asahi/America asks Asahi Yukizai Corporation to produce true union ball valves.
1977 Asahi/America is established as the master agent and distribution center for Asahi Yukizai Corporation in the US and Latin America. Asahi/America, Inc. (A/A) is registered as an independent corporation. A/A develops a national trade advertising program, full color valve catalog and technical papers. Asahi Yukizai Corporation enlarges A/A's territory to include Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.
1978 Asahi/America participates in the first New York Chem Show. Asahi/America develops the first 1/4" turn unidirectional electric valve actuators for Asahi Yukizai Corporation's Omni® series ball valve at the 1978 Chemical Show.
1984 Asahi/America becomes a US distributor of AGRU piping products of Austria.
1986 Asahi/America develops patents for double containment piping systems and begins production.
1990 Asahi/America moves to new corporate headquarters in Malden, MA.
1992 Asahi/America introduces the Series 92 Quarter Master Chief electric actuator.
1993 Asahi Yukizai Corporation and Nichimen Corp. become equity partners in Asahi/America. Air-Pro compressed air thermoplastic pipe introduced.
1994 Asahi/America acquires Poly-Flo® production line, which manufactures double containment pipe by single extrusion. Asahi/America introduces the Series 94 Quarter Master electric actuator.
1996 Asahi/America becomes a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ Exchange. (Symbol: ASAM) Asahi/America made an acquisition of The Vortex Universal Flow Meter Division of Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
1997 Asahi/America expands headquarters and manufacturing operations to 100,000-square-feet. Asahi/America establishes Quail Piping Products as a subsidiary.
1999 Asahi Yukizai Corporation purchases all Asahi/America common stock and merges Asahi/America into a 100% whole-owned subsidiary.
Asahi/America introduces the Type-57 butterfly valves.
Asahi/America introduces PP-Pure® Pigment PP high purity piping system.
Asahi/America introduces Chem Proline® (single wall) piping system and Type-57IL and Type-57LIS butterfly valves.
Asahi/America introduces Quarter Master Remote Cycle®.
Asahi/America launches redesigned website, iPhone® app, and introduces Chem Prolok® double wall piping system and Purflon® high purity PFA piping system.
Asahi/America launches a Spanish website and moves to new corporate headquarters in Lawrence, MA.
2015 Dan Anderson becomes President and CEO.
2016 Asahi/America introduces Asahitec™ PP-RCT piping systems.
2017 Asahi/America's redesignes Omni® Type-27 ball valve and releases the Type-27 Electromni® electric actuator.
2018 Asahi/America acquires Performance Plastics, Inc. of Gramercy, LA.
2019 Asahi/America expands social media with new YouTube channel and Asahi Minute video blog.
2020 Asahi/America introduces the Type-21a SST flow control ball valve.
2021 Asahi/America releases the Series 19 smart electric actuator and expands its high purity cleanroom.
2022 Asahi/America introduces a warranty on Air-Pro® compressed air piping system. 
2023 Asahi/America constructs and opens a new fabrication facility in Paulina, LA and launches a new addition to the Series 19 portfolio, the MAV MultiPack® electric actuator available for multiturn valves.