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Type-14 Flanged Diaphragm Valve (1/2" – 4")

The Type-14 diaphragm valve features improved body to bonnet sealing performance, visual position indication, weir design for excellent throttling capabilities and built in travel stop to prevent over-tightening and eliminate compressive strain. Bubble tight sealing can be achieved even in tough applications containing suspended particles or slurrys.

Asahi's Type-14 diaphragm valve features a layered EPDM/PTFE diaphragm which can accept the addition of a PVDF gas barrier for aggressive chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite. These aggressive chemicals produce an off-gas that can permeate the typical laminated PTFE layer and actually become delaminated in this highly corrosive environment leading to a potentially hazardous situation. The Type-14's 3-layer diaphragm which includes the gas barrier layer, prevents this from ever occurring. The Type-14 diaphragm valve body is of 1-piece molded construction and is not fabricated. For maximum corrosion resistance, the Type-14 diaphragm valve's rugged body and bonnet are manufactured of solid thermoplastic materials. The Type-14 diaphragm valve can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.


  • Click here to download our newest datasheet for Type-14 Diaphragm Valve for Sodium Hypochlorite



    Ideal Applications Include:

    Throttling, slurry lines, chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, mining, water treatment, landfills, swimming pools, semiconductor manufacturing



    1/2" – 4"

    Body Materials:

    PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF

    Bonnet Materials:

    PVC, PP, PPG and PVDF


    EPDM and 3-Layer EPDM/PVDF/PTFE
    Also available in Nitrile and FKM

    End Connection:





    Bubble tight sealing even in applications such as slurries or suspended particles, bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environments, built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening or compressive strain on diaphragm, position indicator at top of valve, PVDF gas barrier (protects EPDM backing from gas permeation) standard on all valve with PTFE diaphragm.

    • Flanged (ANSI) face-to-face dimensions are equivalent to most commonly used metallic valves
    • Rugged body and bonnet are of solid thermoplastic for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Uniquely designed body and bonnet together with diaphragms of new sealing designs by computer dynamic analysis for superior sealing
    • Weir design for excellent throttling
    • Bubble-tight sealing, even in applications such as slurries or suspended particles
    • Bonnet seals to protect internals from corrosive environments
    • Built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening or compressive strain on diaphragm
    • Integrally molded bottom stand for simple yet firm panel mounting
    • Indicator at the top for indication of valve position and prevention of over-tightening
    • PVDF gas barrier, which protects EPDM backing from gas permeation, is standard for all valves with PTFE Diaphragm
    • Low profile
    • Bayonet structure to connect compressor and diaphragm – easy diaphragm replacement
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