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Rental Equipment Policy

Click here to obtain a copy of Asahi/America's 2022 rental equipment policy.

Standard Rental Equipment Policy - Effective October 26, 2022


Distributor Responsibility to:

a. Issue a written purchase order to include: rental rate, start date, and estimated usage.
b. Distributor to sign and return the Proweld Rental Agreement. Machines will not ship until Asahi/America receives this document.
c. Customer absorbs all freight to and from jobsite (unless it is able to ship with a freight-allowed pipe order).
d. Place orders for machines at the time the material is ordered.

Asahi/America’s Responsibility to:

a. Ship machine within five working days from receipt of order, if available.
b. Advise distributor in writing of any delays in shipment.
c. Supply all machines with:

  • Operating instructions
  • Power requirements
  • Checklist of items sent
  •  Consumable items (i.e., extra blades, ribbon, ink, etc.) may need to be reordered at customer's expense.


The transfer of equipment from one job site to another is not recommended and should be avoided unless there is an emergency situation. Prior approval is required and use of the following procedure should be followed when transferring equipment:

Distributor Responsibility to:

a.  Notify Asahi/America rental department of your intentions.
b.  Provide all pertinent serial numbers and the last billing date for the current rental period.
c.  Evaluate the machine for damages, missing parts, and functionality notifying your customer and Asahi/America.
d.  Absorb costs for repairs and part replacement. Note our contract is with the distributor, making reimbursement your responsibility.
e.  Issue a new purchase order with new start date, rental rate and estimated usage.
f.  Return a new Proweld Rental Agreement properly completed and signed.

Asahi/America Will:

a. Not authorize transfer of its equipment unless the above procedure is followed.
b. Not authorize transfer of equipment between distributor without written authorization to Asahi rental department.
c. Will only offer the 6 months of onsite warranty from start date of original rental date, transfers after the 6-month warranty start date, should be avoided as the tool may require needed maintenance. Tools shipped site to site within the 6-month warranty, may lose the warranty as tool condition is unknown. Paid inspections and maintenance are available for tools with unknown condition and status.


Distributor Responsibility to:

a. Obtain an RMA # from Asahi/America’s rental department at 781-388-4623. Be advised, rental billing stops the day equipment reaches our loading dock.
b. Include on the distributor’s packing slip:

  • RMA number
  • Serial number of each machine
  • Description of item being returned

c.  Equipment should be received back to Asahi/America within allotted timeframe from receipt of RMA number or RMA may be cancelled.
d. Absorb additional rental charges if equipment is not sent back within the prescribed time frame above.
e. Incomplete equipment returned without major working parts (clamps, heater, etc.) may be placed back on rental until all parts are received back.
f. Absorb freight charges on all equipment being returned.
g. Equipment must be properly packed up and travel locks applied to avoid any damage in transit that would be billed.



Asahi/America Will:

a. Assess all returned equipment for damage and missing parts.
b. Send a written evaluation of charges to the distributor and a notice to invoice. (Note: charges will include an hourly labor charge for repair when applicable)
c. Not bill for damages considered to be normal wear and tear such as:

  • Chains
  • Blades
  • Belts
  • Sprockets
  • etc.

d. Bill for re-coating heating elements that are returned having excessive scratches or surface damage.
e. Bill for damages caused by improper use or Insufficient pack-up by end user, causing damage in transit for return.



Distributor Responsibility to:

a. Advise Asahi/America rental department of the failure.
b.  Call Equipment Manager, Dave Hume, 617-306-4182 to troubleshoot any functionality issues.
c. Issue a purchase order for the replacement part at its full value.
d. Request an RMA for return of the damaged part and return promptly.

Asahi/America Will:

a. Ship replacement parts, LTL or air freight to the job site, if available.
b. Evaluate damaged parts and determine if the failure resulted from contractor abuse or mechanics. If found to be abused upon return evaluation, then all associated freight will be back charged along with replacement costs of damaged goods.
c. Notify the distributor in writing of the results of our evaluation and of our intent to bill.
d. In the event of contractor abuse, all air or ground freight and all associated repair costs will be applied to the existing purchase order.
e. In the event the failure is attributed to machine quality, any charges for replacement parts will be credited in full.
f. Issue a billing replacement costs for equipment returned without its original shipping crate.



  • Only applies to approved equipment for sale.
  • Intent to buy must be agreed upon prior to shipping out.
  • A % of rental cost can be applied to the purchase of the rental unit, upon review at start of rental agreement.
  • Rental monies can only be applied to the purchase of the machine being rented on a continuous rental period. Tools returned and later re-rented do not apply.
  • Rental monies are monitored by the distributor.
  • No credits will be issued in the event rental fees exceed the cost of the machine out on job.
  • Ownership transfers once all rental invoices are paid in full.
  • All machines purchased under this option carry a 90-day warranty on defective parts and labor from date of purchase only if returned to Asahi for tune up evaluation (all freight and replacement parts are responsibility of the end user)


  • Billings will be processed at the end of each month using the following bill structure below.
  • All purchase orders submitted will be billed at the standard rate. Any special pricing must be known at this time, as no credits will be offered.
  • Rental Rates:
    •  Daily rate includes weekends and holidays.
    •  Rental billing starts the day tools get delivered.
    •  Rental billing stops the day tools arive back at our door.
    •  Request RMA prior to shipping the tool back.

Rental Minimums:

ALL high purity equipment (SP-63, SP 110-S V3, SP 250-S V3, SP 315-S, SP 110-B, EF 110-B) as well as industrial tools 14" and up will rent at a five-day minimum.


Customer pays freight from factory to the jobsite and jobsite to factory. No exceptions. Asahi will attempt to combine machines with freight allowed orders but won’t guarantee this service.


Asahi/America requires five (5) working days to ship a machine from receipt of order. Consult Asahi/America for expedited delivery.



All rental equipment is warranted for six (6) months of on-site usage. All tool failures within this six-month period are handled as indicated in Section V. After six months usage it is recommended that the equipment be returned for regular maintenance and warrantee renewal. Equipment held longer than six months without return is held at the renter's risk.

Purchase of refurbished/used equipment carries a 90-day warranty when shipped from Asahi/America (does not apply to "rent to own" purchases).

Purchase of brand-new equipment carries a one-year limited manufacturing warranty.