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Electronic Low Point Leak Detection

Electronic Low-Point Leak Detection

Liquid Watch System

Low-point stations are utilized in manual or sensor probe leak detection installations. Stations are generally installed in the low points of double contained systems. Solid Dogbones® are recommended to compartmentalize sectors of low-point systems. Successful installations usually utilize solid Dogbones® in the beginning and end of each specified sector as a means to isolate leaks and facilitate identifying location and repair. The Dogbone® spacing or zone sizes are determined by customer or system engineer.

Low-points stations are provided with 4' riser, stub end, backing ring, EPDM gasket and blind flange. Stub end, backing ring, and blind flange are shipped loose for field elevation verification and installation.

Ideal Applications Include:

Low-point leak detection is similar to manual leak detection but utilizes electronic sensors in the place of manual valves or plugs. A wide variety of low-point sensors are available with varying functionality. Selection of sensor type is often dependent upon transported media. The two most common sensors are conductivity probes and float switch adapters.


  • Simplified system engineering
  • Cost effective installation
  • Automated detection process for buried applications
  • Locates leaks within a zone or sector of a system
  • Probes are generally tied-in at a central alarm location
  • Can be used with Duo-Pro®, Poly-Flo®, Fluid-Lok®, or Pro-Lock® Systems


Liquid Watch System

  • Sensing of organic liquid (hydrocarbons and solvents) or water within seconds of contact
  • Vapor or gases are ignored
  • Remote monitoring capability with a RS-232 interface and relays
  • Nema 4X enclosure
  • Up to 64 probes and 16 programmable alarm relays
  • Optional UL Listed with Class 1, Division1, Group C & D sensor circuits