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Plastic Double Containment Piping Systems

Fluid-Lok® HDPE Double Containment Piping System

Fluid-Lok® is an engineered HDPE double wall piping system offering the widest variety of sizes and pressure ratings available on the market.

Fluid-Lok® provides a cost effective piping solution with a sound engineering design, created to provide reliable environmental protection.

Ideal Applications Include:

Environmental Protection

Supply Range

Pipes & Fittings:

1x3 through 18x24




  • Homogenous material inside and out, providing equal chemical resistance on the carrier and containment pipe.
  • Many leak detection options. Systems can be provided with continuous leak detection cable,low- point sensors, or manual observation ports.
  • Custom components can also be supplied for each specific project including:
  • Thermoplastic manholes
  • Double contained valve boxes
  • Observation ports
  • Double contained tanks
  • Custom fittings and assemblies


  • Simulataneous Butt Fusion
  • Staggered Butt Fusion


  • Leak Detection
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