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Series 19 Electric Actuator on Type-C Gate Valve (Sizes 1/2" - 4")

The gate valve is the most widely used ON/OFF valve for large diameter, full port applications. When the valve is fully open, it allows straight-through passage through and opening that is essentially the same size as the inside diameter of the connecting pipe. This is why there is little pressure drop through an Asahi/America gate valve. The valve operates when the hand wheel and stem screw (or electric actuator) move a cylindrical plug, the gate, up and down at right angles to the fluid flow. Traditionally, gate valves have been used only for ON/OFF service, but because the unique Asahi/America sliding plug design provides a larger seating area than conventional gate valves, it can be used for throttling. This significantly larger seating area, which runs 360 degrees around the cylindrical plug, has also virtually eliminated the valve chatter normally associated with gate valves. Asahi/America gate valves feature a solid polypropylene plug with a non-rising stem design.


Data Sheet

Data sheet - Series 19 Electric Actuator on Type-C Gate Valve

Ideal Applications Include:

Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining


Motor Type:

Reversing, brushless DC


442 in/lbs

Max Ambient Temp:



S19 MAV for sizes 1/2" – 4"


95 VAC to 265 VAC


  • Compact: Perfect for OEM and skid manufacturers
  • OLED Screen: Displays valve position, alarms (such as an over torque condition)
  • Push Buttons: Used to calibrate/adjust end positions, local controls
  • Multi-voltage: 95 VAC to 265 VAC or 24VAC/VDC
  • Motor: Reversing, brushless DC motor
  • Gear Train: Permanently lubricated steel gears
  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure: NEMA 4X PC/PET enclosure with stainless steel trim
  • ISO mounting configuration
  • Electrical Connection: NEMA 4X cable gland with two-meter cable
  • Visual Position Indication: Flat disc position indicator
  • LED Position Indication: RED closed, GREEN open, BLUE fault
  • Manual Override: Manually cycle valve via electroless nickel-plated hex key
  • Auxiliary Contacts: Open and closed dry contacts rated 0.1 Amp @ 250 VAC, 0.5 Amp @ 30 VDC
  • Alarm Contacts: Dry contacts rated 0.1 Amp @ 250 VAC, 0.5 Amp @ 30 VDC for alarm status (over torque, as an example)
  • QR Code: Links to user manual; includes wiring schematic
  • Space Heater: Internally wired to limit condensation
  • CE Compliant: All actuators are CE labeled and compliant
  • 70% Duty Cycle: Extended duty cycle is ideal for high cycling applications
  • Simple Wiring: Wiring technique is the same for all voltage units
  • Local Controls: Used with OLED and push buttons, a user can locally open or close units via password