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EL PVDF Swing Check Valve (2", 3" & 4")

Asahi/America introduces the EL-PVDF swing check valve for use in electrolysis plants in high temperature sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas, brine, and hydrofluoric acid applications. The purpose of the EL-PVDF material is to prevent the generation of blistering or cracking that can occur in conventional PVDF during electrolysis production. EL-PVDF has been designed to achieve 2-5 times the normal life expectancy when compared to conventional PVDF in electrolysis applications.

EL-PVDF performs in the most severe working conditions. Valves that are continually exposed to near maximum material working temperature limits for extended periods of time, especially in the production of chlorine, are the intended application target.

Typical applications include, chlorine manufacturers, steel pickling lines, pulp and paper manufacturing, etc.


Data Sheet


Ideal Applications Include: Chlorine manufacturers, steel pickling lines, and pulp and paper manufacturing.


2", 3" and 4"



Seat & Seals:



Flanged connection only



  • Body (1), Bonnet (2), Disc (5a), Seat Holder (5b), and Arm (5d) in EL-PVDF material
  • Better performance to prevent blistering due to high temperature brine, sodium hypochlorite, hydroflouric acid, CL2 gas, etc.
  • 2 to 5 times longer life vs. PVDF