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Manual Plastic Butterfly Valves

Type-55 IS Butterfly Valve (2"- 16")

Type-55 IS butterfly valves are quarter turn metal body valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service. The Type-55 IS butterfly valve features an epoxy powder coated ductile cast iron body with PTFE disc and Liner. The Type-55 IS is designed for use in applications where conventional rubber liners and thermoplastic discs would fail. Can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.


Data Sheet


Ideal Applications Include:

Isolation valves, control valves, chemical processing, mining


2" - 5" - Lever

2" - 16" - Gear

Body Materials:

Powdercoat finish ductile cast iron

Seat Materials:

PTFE backed w/Neoprene

Disc Materials:



  • Face to face dimension conforms to ISO 5752 short pattern for metal valves
  • Powdercoated cast ductile iron body for corrosion resistance
  • Highly corrosion resistant PTFE disc and PTFE seat are the only parts in contact with the process media
  • Stainless steel stem is non-wetted, isolated from the media, and has full engagement thru the entire length of the valve body and disc
  • High CV value achieved with strong, thin disc
  • Class VI bubble tight shut-off
  • Lever handle features 19 position throttling plate and factory padlock provision
  • Plasgear™ engineered resin enclosure gear-operator with stainless steel trim
  • Top flange conforms to ISO 5211 for actuation mounting


  • Pneumatic and Electric


• Pneumatic or electric actuation with accessories

• 2” square nut on valve stem or Plasgear™ operator handwheel shaft

• Stem extensions

• Chain operators (Plasgear™ type only)

• Manual limit switch (Lever or Plasgear™ types)

• Speed Handle™ for Plasgear™ operator