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Transmitter Relay

The transmitter/relay module has been specifically designed for use with the DHC-100 positioner via plug and socket installation, and is supplied with its own terminal strip. This module provides a selectable output signal of 0-20mA (4-20mA, with 0mA indicating a fault) as a current signal output, or a 0-10VDC as a voltage output signal. It also provides 3-SPST relay contact outputs that are typically used as end of travel limit switches (open and closed) and a fault indicator (loss of power, etc.). These contacts are rated for 1A@ 24 VDC / 0.5A @ 125 VAC.

Ideal Applications Include:

Precise throttling


Current Output:

0 to 20 mA @ 8 VDC or 400Ω maximum
Resolution: 0.0031 mA

Voltage Output:

0-10VDC @ 10 mA maximum
Resolution: 0.0016 VDC


Operating Temp. Range: 32F to 150F
Storage Temp. Range: -40F to 185F
Relative Humidity Range: 0 to 90% (non-condensing)

Relay Outputs:

Switch Contact Type: SPST
Contact Rating (non-inductive): 1A @ 24VDC/0.5A @ 125VAC


  • Transmitter/Relay plugs directly into DHC-100 positioner card
  • Its own terminal strip
  • Selectable current (0-20mA), or voltage (0-10VDC) output signal
  • 3-SPST independently configurable relay contacts
  • Simple calibration via DHC-100 pushbuttons
  • Control signal not required for calibration