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Single Wall Industrial Plastic Piping Systems

Super Proline® Chemical Grade PVDF Piping System

Super Proline® piping systems are made from the highest quality suspension grade PVDF resin. Super Proline® is suitable for a wide range of applications with pH range from 1 to 8 and at temperatures up to 120°C. Super Proline® Type II PVDF resins produced by suspension exhibit better properties than homopolymer PVDF produced by the emulsion process. Super Proline® is the best choice for chemical process applications that typically see varying temperatures. Super Proline® uses fusion joining technology with socket, butt and electrofusion available to meet your applications requirements.

Asahi/America offers a full range of molded fittings and fabricated specialty drainage fittings such as wyes, p-traps, laterals, chemical injection quills and regulator valves.


Data Sheet


Ideal Applications Include:

93-96% Sulfuric acid, high temperature fluid transfer, acids

Supply Range

Pipe and Fittings:

  • 20 - 315mm (1/2" - 12") SDR 21, 230psi
  • 90 - 400mm (3" - 16") SDR 33, 150psi