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Electric Actuators

Series 10

The Series 10 electric actuator is used to actuate Asahi's larger valves, including butterfly valves up to 24".


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Locations with no air supply, colder temperatures, larger valves, limited submergence applications



1,320 - 26,040 in-lbs

Conduit Entry:

Two (2) 3/4" FNPT

Limit Switches:

Four (4) single pole, double throw (4-SPDT) 10 Amp rated

Torque Switches:

Two (2) single pole, double throw (4-SPDT) 10 Amp rated


120 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz (others available)

Amp Draw:

1.65 – 4.10

Max Ambient Temperature:

150º F

Cycle Time per 90º

21– 31 seconds


  • Motor: Reversing, squirrel cage induction motor, 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Overload protection: Integral thermal overload protection for motor windings with automatic reset
  • Gear train: Permanently lubricated
  • Conduit: Two 3/4" FNPT conduit entries to eliminate cross feed between control and power signals
  • Declutchable manual override: Lockable declutching lever with handwheel
  • Limit switches: Standard end of travel limit switches can be used for light indication (not to be use with PLC for position confirmation)
  • Auxiliary (Additional) limit switches: Each electric actuator is provided as a standard with 2-SPDT auxiliary limit switches
  • Torque Switches: 2-SPDT Torque switches
  • Mechanical Stops: Two +/- 10% mechanical travel stops
  • Enclosure: Type 4X & 6
  • AWWA C542: Conforms to AWWA C542
  • Self-Locking: Self-locking worm gear design eliminates the need for a mechanical brake
  • Space Heater: A space heater is provided as standard equipment
  • Output torque: Series 10 Electric Actuators have an output torque range from 1,320 in-lbs to 10,440 in-lbs
  • Corrosion resistant mounting: Mounting is with stainless steel bracket, stainless steel coupling, and stainless steel hardware