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EM-Technik Tubing Connections

EM-Technik, one of the leading manufacturers in the international plastic industry, produces high quality fittings and valves made of plastics such as PA, PP, PVDF, PFA, PTFE and PEEK. The fittings are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from D 0.7 up to 25 mm as well as pipe fittings ranging from 1/8” to 1”. Valves are available from DN 3 up to DN 10.

You will find EMT products in almost every branch-like laboratory and analytical technics, measuring and regulating technics, pneumatics, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment systems, medical equipment and semiconductor industry. Just to name a few. Due to the cleverly thought-out construction set with more than 60,000 articles, we are able to offer the right connection to every branch’s applications.

Compression Fittings


1+, 1C and 1A Compression Fittings

Easy install out compression fittings require no tools. Fittings operate at high temperature and pressure ratings Possess Bio/Pharm & Analytical Industry standard.



Flare Fittings


1D Flare Fittings

The connection principle used in Series 1D from Em-Technik entails using heat to enlarge the flexible tube before pushing it onto an integrated connecting sleeve. The tube is secured in place by means of knurled nut acting on the flexible tube. What makes this connection principle special is the elimination of dead volume. The flexible tube and the connecting sleeve produce a form-locked connection, resulting in a connection with no dead volume.





2M Miniatures

Developed especially for use in medical, pharmaceutical and analytical system applications. They provide ideal connection features for PFA-, Silicone- or Tygon©-tubes. The micro-connectors comprise a connector body with integrated conical connecting sleeve, a knurled nut for fixing the flexible tube and a slotted pressure ring. The pressure ring is not required for PFA flexible tubes.

The connection is absolutely safe and leak-proof but can be undone at any time.





3L Luer-Lock

The connection principle used in Series 3L from Em-Technik entails using a flexible tube connection of Series 1A on the one hand and a Luer-Lock thread according to DIN 13090 on the other hand. A flexible tube can thus be connected, e.g., to the most commonly used disposable laboratory filters.

3G Glass Tube

The connection principle used in Series 3G from Em-Technik enables these laboratory connectors to be used as a connection element between a laboratory type glass cylinder with GL thread and a flexible tube.