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Welding Parameters

McElroy Welding Parameters 

Asahi/America has partnered with McElroy to provide all appropiate welding parameters for Asahi/America's piping systems. 

To download a list of welding parameters, click on the appropriate tools below.

For the following tools only:

Welding Parameter Web App (for archived butt and socket tools only)

This online tool is programed with all Asahi/America welding equipment and piping systems to give the user easy access to weld parameters, including weld temperatures, bead height, pressure, heat soak times, and cooling times.

For the following tools only:

  • Miniplast® Shop 4
  • Maxiplast® Shop 6
  • Shop 12
  • Field 6
  • Field 10
  • Field 12
  • Field 14
  • Field 20
  • Field 24
  • Bench socket tool
  • Hand socket tool 2
  • Hand socket tool 4