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Actuated Plastic Butterfly Valves

Actuated Tandem Electric Series 92 on 57P Butterfly Valves

A tandem butterfly valve arrangement consists of two butterfly valves connected via a linkage kit, mounted to a single tee and powered by a single actuator. The actuator cycles one valve open as it cycles the other valve closed simultaneously. This design mechanically links the valves together, so there is no sequencing of valve positions required by the end user.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Sequencing equipment, filter backwashing


  • Series 92 or 87 electric actuator
  • De-clutchable manual override
  • Visual position indicators
  • 2-end of travel limit switches supplied as a standard
  • Type-4X enclosure
  • Visual position indication
  • 304 stainless steel linkage and fasteners
  • Zinc-plated valve flanging hardware
  • PVC flanged tee sizes 1-1/2"– 6", with valve mating flanges installed
  • Poly-Pro® flanged tee sizes 8" & 12" (mating flanges not included)
  • Standard arrangement permits flow straight through the "run" of the tee when actuator is open and shuts off flow out of the "branch"
  • Special "on the run" configuration permits L-port flow design where the "branch" acts as the inlet and flow is diverted out the left or right ports when actuator is cycled
  • Mechanical brake supplied as standard sizes 4"– 12"
  • Accepts optional limit switches, heater & thermostat and positioners
  • Local/remote operating station available as an option
  • Offered as a complete drop in actuated valve and tee assembly