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Multiport Manifold Valves

Asahi/America is now manufacturing Dymatrix™ MPV PTFE multiport manifold valves at our Lawrence, Massachusetts manufacturing and distribution facility. The MPV is a custom configured manifold that eliminates tubing, fittings and dead space, and is ideal for high purity applications, especially where space is limited.

  • Lead time greatly reduced
  • Custom configurations

MPVs can be configured into compact combo valves and manifolds. This eliminates the need for additional tube and fittings and provides a compact footprint for equipment. The zero deadleg and fully flushable diaphragm design meets the most stringent purity requirements. The MPV utilizes a straight through design to minimize pressure loss and maintain high Cv values. Additionally, the straight through main port allows for stress-free recirculation of slurry and aggressive chemicals.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Semiconductor, Solar panel manufacturing


Size Range:

6mm through 25mm (1/4" - 1")

Wetted Material:

PTFE (natural)


A-S NC/NO, A-A, Manual

End Connections:

Flare, Pillar™, NPT

Pressure Rating:

72.5 psi



  • Fully Customizable Manifold and Combo Valve Configurations
  • Special Diaphragm Eliminates Dead Space and Particle Generation
  • Diaphragm Design Allows the Manifold to be Fully Flushed Between Processes
  • Inlet Port Can Fully Recirculate for High Purity or Branch Requirements
  • High Cycle Life Ensures Reliable Performance in Critical Applications