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Actuated Plastic Butterfly Valves

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Series 17 Electric Actuator on Type-57P Butterfly Valve

The Series 17 electric actuator features a reversing motor with multi-voltage capabilities; 85 VAC - 265 VAC (50/60Hz), 24 VDC. An internal heater, auxiliary switches, and two position indicating LEDs, are the standard equipment. Additional features include a permanently lubricated steel gear train, NEMA Type 4 & 6 enclosure with a thermally-bonded powder coat finish, declutchable manual override, visual mechanical position indication, ISO bolt circle, and flying leads.




Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

water and wastewater treatment, landfills, aquariums, chemical processing, swimming pools and water features, power plants, and mining applications.


Series 17


350 in/lbs


85-265 VAC single phase, 24 VDC

AMP Draw:


Max Ambient Temperature:


1.2M flying leads

150° F

Limit Switches:


Cycle Time per 90 degree:

2- SPDT end of travel switches

2-SPDT dry contact switches


12 seconds


  • Size: Compact, lightweight
  • Motor: Low current, reversing DC motor
  • Multi-voltage: 85-265 VAC single-phase, 24 VDC
  • Overload Protection: Electric motor cuts out at 2 Amps
  • Gear Train: Permanently lubricated solid gearing
  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure: Thermally bonded powder coat finish
  • Position Indication: Mechanical dial indication
  • LEDs: Open and close LED position indication (red/closed, blue/open)
  • Declutchable Manual Override: Push down override button and use provided lever to manually position in the event of no power
  • Auxiliary Limit Switches: Dry contact switches for open and close positions
  • Enclosure: Combination NEMA Type 4X and 6 enclosure with captive cover screws
  • Electrical Connections: Sealed cable gland with 1.2M flying leads
  • Space Heater: Standard equipment
  • ISO Mounting: F03, F04, F05 X 14mm star