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Options - Mechanical Travel Stops (Cam-stops)

Mechanical travel stops are an optional assembly pattern for series 79 pneumatic actuators. The mechanical travel stops feature one set of two cams with two threaded rods. The threaded rods can be adjusted in the field to set to independently adjust the stop positions on the open and the close stroke. The kit is mounted between the actuator and the valve as part of the mounting kit.

The integral travel stop, for single and double acting pneumatic actuators, allows for independent adjustment of the close stroke (0°) from -2° to +5°, and independent adjustment of the open stroke (90°) from -5° to +2°.
The end caps have been redesigned so that they are secured to the actuator body with the use of 316 stainless steel socket head cap screws; eliminating the need for specialty tools.

Ideal Applications Include:

Chemical Processing, Bleach Plants, Aquariums, Mining, Water Treatment, Landfills, Swimming Pools, Power Plants

  • Actuator design:
  • Double rack and pinion
  • Body and end cap material: 316 stainless steel
  • Output shaft: 303 stainless steel for BS79, CS79 and DS79; 316 stainless steel for ES79.
  • All sizes provided with double O-ring seal on top and bottom of shaft
  • Temperature range: -25°F - 195°F
  • O-Ring material: Self-lubricating BUNA-N
  • Output torque range: 100 in/lbs - 1592 in/lbs
  • Piston guide and guide ring material: Polyacetyl for BS79, CS79 and DS79; PTFE and bronze for ES79
  • Spring Material: Cataphoresis coated DIN-17223-C
  • Spring Design: Concentric safety spring with spring retainer, all cataphoresis coated
  • Supply air: 60psi - 120psi
  • Air connections: 1/4" FNPT
  • Mounting dimensions: ISO and NAMUR


  • Field adjustable for quick changes
  • Open and closed strokes are independently adjustable
  • Installs as part of the valve to actuator mounting kit