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Asahi/America helped pioneer the use of thermoplastics in numerous industrial applications. Our valve and piping products are installed in thousands of applications across a wide variety of industries.

You can select from the applications listed below to get a more in-depth description of some of our installs. 

We are adding new case studies all the time, so please check back to see our latest installations!

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Chiller and Heating Water Lines at an Air Force Base

Fertilizer Manufacturer

Engineering360 RGB

As seen on GlobalSpec Engineering 360! Odor Control Duct System in WWTP

Aquarium/ Life Support Systems / Aquaculture



Aquaculture - Animal Life Support System

Type-57LIS Butterfly Valves

Aquarium - Life Support System

Type-57 Butterfly Valves

Chemical Processing

Glass Manufacturing

DI Water System

Glass Manufacturing

Air-Pro® HDPE Compressed Air Piping and Fittings

DI Water System

Purad® PVDF Piping System

Fertilizer Manufacturer  

NEW! Fertlizer Manufacturer


Air-Pro® Advanced PE Compressed Air Piping and Fittings


Food and Beverage

Poultry Processing

Process Waste Line

Wine Making

Poultry Processing - PAA

Chem Proline® Advanced PE Piping System

Process Waste Line

Duo-Pro® Double Containment Piping

West Coast Winery - Automated Temperature Regulation

Series 83 Electromni® Electric Actuator

Medical Device Manufacturing

Purad Group     T343 ZDL w sanitary ends

Medical Device Manufacturer

T-343 ZDL Diaphragm Valve with Sanitary Ends and SP 110-B Beadless Welder



Copper Mining - Electro-Winning

Type-57 Butterfly Valves and Type-21 Ball Valves



Airplane Manufacturing

Railroad Building

NEW! Shipyard Dry Dock Compressed Air Line

Air-Pro® Advanced PE Compressed Air Piping System

Airplane Manufacturing

Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping System

Railroad - Air Braking System

Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping System

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

RO Water System

Original Halar SP 100S Sulfuric Acid

Caustic System

Poly-Flo® Double Containment, Super Proline® PVDF, Proline® PP Piping Systems

RO Water System

Ultra Proline® Halar® Pipe, Fittings, and Valves

Sulfuric Acid

Ultra Proline® Halar® Piping and Diaphragm Valves

WWTP Chem Pro Struvite   

NEW! Wastewater Treatment Plant - Leaking Pipe Joints

Chem Proline® Advanced PE Piping System

Struvite Piping Solution

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Ventilation/Exhaust Systems

Odor Control   Odor Control 2

NEW! Odor Control

Pro-Vent® Duct System

Caso de Éxito en Español

Casos de Éxito
Odor Control T343 ZDL w sanitary ends Aquaculture

Control de Olores

 El Sistema de Ductos Pro-Vent®

Sistema de Tuberia de Alta Pureza


La Acuacultura - Sistema de Soporte de Vida Animal

La válvula de mariposa Tipo-57LIS

 Poultry Processing    

Industria Alimenticia

Chem Proline® Sistema Avanzado de Tuberías de PE