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Chem Proline® Advanced Polyethylene (PE) Piping System

Chem Proline Logo Updated Feb 2012

Chem Proline® is composed of the latest evolution in Advanced Polyethylene (PE) resin technology. This new advanced PE material possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. These properties include: stress crack resistance, slow crack growth resistance, ductility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and brittleness resistance. Now available in 40" - 98" size as well!

Capable of handling some of the harshest chemical applications with a long-term expected useful life, Chem Proline® offers a greater value over metal, FRP, lined steel, or other thermoplastic piping systems like PVC and CPVC. Chem Proline®'s superior properties make it the only Polyolefin material able to handle certain chlorinated services like sodium hypochlorite. UV resistant, light weight, proven fusion joining technology, Chem Proline® is perfect for most chemicals found in the water treatment process.



Chem Proline Featured at WEFTEC 2019




Ideal Applications Include:

pH range 1-14, bleach, process chemical and waste, caustic, acids, industrial water

PE Pipe Supply Range

Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings:

Standard: 20 - 315mm (1/2" - 12")

Available up to 2500mm (98")



  • Revolutionizing Advanced PE chemical compatibility
  • Fused system eliminates cement and threads
  • Save time by installing pipes directly in rough trenches
  • Resistance to crack propagation
  • Butt fittings and valve with butt end connectors now available