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Manual Plastic Sediment Strainer Options

316 Stainless Steel and PVC Screens for Sediment Strainers

Asahi PVC sediment strainers come standard with a 20 mesh 316 stainless steel screen. Asahi offers a selection of screens with the intention of fitting a wider number of process needs. A couple of different mesh sizes screens are available in either PVC material or 316 SS. They are as follows:

PVC Screens

  • 20 mesh
  • 30 mesh
  • 40 mesh

316 Stainless Steel Screens

  • 20 mesh
  • 40 mesh
  • 60 mesh

The "mesh" of a screen is the number of holes per linear inch of screen. The higher the mesh number, the smaller the diameter of screen holes. The higher the mesh number, the smaller the particle size that will be trapped in the screen. The mesh size required for a specific process is dependent on how tolerant the downstream equipment is to particles, the rate at which solids will aggregate on the strainer and cleaning frequency. A variety of mesh sizes or multiple strainers in series may have to be tried to achieve the desired result.

Ideal Applications Include:

Solids reduction in the following industries: Chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, mining, water treatment, landfills, swimming pools, power plants



1/2" – 4"


PVC and 316 stainless steel


  • Different mesh sizes to meet a variety of process requirements
  • Two materials to select from for chemical resistance
  • Field installable for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Unique strainer geometry for low pressure drops
  • Inline cleaning valve available for easy flushing of solids