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Asahi/America, Inc., introduces its new 12- page Thermoplastic Valves and Piping Systems Catalog. A valuable resource for engineers, plant managers and distributors, the catalog presents an overview of Asahi-America's thermoplastic fluid handling product lines. This full-color catalog highlights the many advantages of using thermoplastic materials in fluid handling systems, including its corrosion-resistant properties


Asahi/America Inc., introduces the new Series 83A Electromni actuator for ball valves. The Series 83 has been the actuator of choice for small quarter-turn ball valves since 1983; the new Series 83A Electromni maintains the Series 83's original look while improving on its quality, design and performance.


Asahi/America Introduces Type 57LIS ISO-5752 Short Pattern Butterfly Valve makes converting from Metal to Plastic a snap


Since their introduction, the Type-21 ball valves have been the thermoplastic valves of choice for many demanding applications. This can be attributed to the quality of the product with regards to both performance and design. In an effort to continuously improve the product and remain a leader in the industries we serve, subtle changes and improvements have necessitated a revised model ball valve, the Type-21a. It is our belief these improvements will provide for a greater degree of confidence in the base Type-21 design, while offering features and benefits geared towards today's installation professionals.


Asahi/America, the leader in high purity piping systems, has recently expanded their product offering to include new dimensions of the Type-343 Zero Dead Leg (ZDL) 3-Way Valve for Purad PVDF, PolyPure PP-natural and PP-Pure pigmented PP.


Asahi/America Introduces New Molded Foot Valve Screens


Asahi/America, Inc. Introduces CPVC Discs for Type-57 Butterfly Valves New disc offers lasting performance in aggressive chemical applications


Asahi/America Now Stocking Frank Series Regulating Products


New High Purity Polypropylene Piping System Offers Cost Effective Alternative and Large Size Range for Pure Water Systems


New TI Diaphragm Valve engineered for use in harsh chlorine and chlorate environments


Versatile Thermoplastic Plastic Valve Boxes offers superior protection in the Harshest Environments


Asahi America Upgrades Pool Pro Butterfly Valve. Plasgear™Plastic Gear-Operator now standard on all 1-1/2" – 10" models


Asahi/America, Inc., introduces the new tapping saddle for their Air-Pro Compressed Air Piping Systems. Designed specifically for the Air-Pro system, the new tapping saddle allows for the installation of a the system with no drops! The drops are installed after the system has been hung by simply using the tapping saddle welding it in place with electro-fusion process.


As of May 5th, 2008 Asahi/America has discontinued production of our Quarter-Bloc Ball Valves


Asahi/America, Inc. introduces the new Halar True Union Ball valve. Halar (E-CTFE) is manufactured from copolymerization of ethylene with CTFE (chlorotrifluroethylene). This provides excellent chemical resistance, handling applications that, almost all others cannot. The Halar Ball Valve is manufactured of Halar material for all wetted parts, seals are litharge compound O-rings. The Halar Ball Valve is rated for 150 psi at 73F.


Fast Pack Valve/Actuation Packages shipped within 24 hours from the time of order


Revolutionary New Locking Handle For Type 21 Ball Valve Introduced New handle prevents unauthorized use & serves as position indicator


New Single and Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators provide added output torque for large size valves


New Limit Switch provides low cost valve position indicator


Mark Gore new District Sales Manager for AR, LA, MS and AL


Asahi America Actuators Comply with RoHS standards.


Asahi/America has reached an agreement to sell all assets associated with their vortex flow meter product line to Racine Federate of Racine WI.


Asahi/America, together with our manufacturing partner Agru of Austria, continues to lead the advancement of IR welding technology. The latest model, SP-110S, includes numerous upgrades and features a completely automated welding process.


Enhanced Features and Functionality Offer Beneficial Experience


The first plastic gear operator on the market