Solutions in the Metal Finishing Industry

Asahi America provides corrosion resistant thermoplastic valves, actuators and piping systems ideally suited for use in many metal finishing applications.

Metal Finishing

Electroplating Process


The concentration, contaminant level and temperature of electroplating metal salt solutions in plating tanks must be maintained and controlled for optimal quality and production of finished products. This is often an automated process. Piping feeding and evacuating plating tanks must be able to handle the rigorous conditions long-term without leaking.


Waste Treatment


Corrosive liquid waste generated from the plating process must be safely collected and treated. This often involves under-slab waste piping coming off trench drains, batch storage, pH adjustment and filtration.


Fume Exhaust and Scrubbing


Harmful corrosive fumes must be safely removed from production areas and scrubbed. Having a ductile thermoplastic material with a wide pH resistance is the key to long lasting duct system. Scrubbing systems often require pH adjustment of the liquid waste.


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