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Manual Plastic Butterfly Valves

Type-57P Lug Butterfly Valves (1-1/2" - 14")

Type-57P Lug butterfly valves are quarter turn valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service. Good tolerance to suspended solids but not recommended for use with slurries or debris. The Type-57P lug butterfly valve is well suited for a wide variety of fluid flow applications.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Isolation valves, control valves, chemical processing, water treatment, water features, fountains, aquariums, landfills, swimming pools, power plants, mining, transportation


2" – 14"

Body Materials:


Seat Materials:


Disc Materials:



  • Type-57P butterfly valve
  • PVC Body 2”, 2-1/2” & 14” – Other PVC sizes T-57IL butterfly valve
  • CPVC Body 2” – 8”
  • PP & PVDF body 2”- 14”
  • Machined lug outsert design in 316SS (standard) titanium or Hastelloy
  • Machined body design eliminates lug rotation
  • Permanent factory assembly using custom design tools
  • No valve flow directional requirement
  • Requires no downstream mating flange for end of line applications*
  • Full pressure rated when used with downstream mating flange
  • Mating flange bolts length determination table provided by flange type