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Chemical Resistance Chart is available in PDF. It should be emphasized that this data has been compiled for initial consultation purposes.


Chemical Resistance Chart for Piping Products

Click here for a chemical resistance table for our thermoplastic piping products. The table gives qualitative information as to the resistance of PVDF, PP and HDPE to specific chemicals under various conditions. The values given correspond to the most accurate information available from raw material suppliers of specific resins, based upon testing results and other relevant literature.

Chemical Resistance Chart for Chem Proline® Piping System

Click here for Chem Proline® chart


Chemical Resistance Charts for Asahi Valves

Please click here for Asahi Valves.

Chemical Resistance Charts for PDCPD Butterfly Valve

Click here for Asahi/America's PDCPD Butterfly valves.

Mixed use applications in recirculating domestic hot water systems