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Series 79 PAG

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Series 79 PAG

Series 79 PAG pneumatic actuators have a glass reinforced Polyamide housing for chemical resistance and high strength. The actuator functions using a double piston rack and pinion arrangement for a smooth torque profile throughout the actuator stroke. Air to spring models feature a concentric spring set for consistent output torque. The base of the actuator has an ISO output drive and bolt circle for easy mounting to quarter turn valves. The top of the actuator has a visual position indicator and a NAMUR mounting pad to accommodate mounting accessories. The air ports are ¼" NPT and have a NAMUR bolt pattern to accommodate flush mount solenoids.


Click here for a pdf copy of the Series 79 PAG redesign announcement

In order to meet customer demands, we have re-designed the PAG product line of our Series 79P pneumatic actuators. This will result in the discontinuation of the current style, and an introduction of our re-designed PAG Series 79P pneumatic actuator.



The following table shows new part numbers and is a tentative shipping schedule for the new PAG pneumatic actuators:

Model     Part Number   Available     Model      Part Number    Available

AP79PN    2343011         Feb. 2014      AP79PSN    2344011       Jan 2014

BP79PN    2343014         June 2014      BP79PSN    2344014       June 2014

CP79PN    2343017         Sept. 2013     CP79PSN    2344017        Aug. 2013

DP79PN    2343022         Feb. 2014       DP79PSN   2344022        Feb. 2014    


The New PAG Series 79P will be priced the same as the old style, even with the additional features and benefits.

Features and Benefits:

• All actuator shafts have a 20mm height for accessory mounting

• All actuator shafts to be square, offset 45 degrees

• Actuators utilize the same end caps for DA or SR applications

• End caps secured to actuator body via SS bolt and inserted nut

• SR model feature pre-loaded captive springs

Please contact your Asahi/America Distric Sales Manager our our Customer Service Department with any questions or concerns.

Ideal Applications Include:

Chemical Processing, Bleach Plants, Aquariums, Mining, Water Treatment, Landfills, Swimming Pools, Power Plants





Glass reinforce Polyamide housing, stainless steel shaft and hardware


Air-to-Spring (Fail Closed)
Air-to-Spring (Fail Open)


  • Actuator body and end caps constructed of Glass-filled Polyamide
  • Double piston, rack and pinion operation
  • 80 psi to 120 psi recommended operating pressures
  • Fail positions can be specified for air to spring actuators
  • Visual position indicator
  • -25F – 195F operating temperature range
  • ¼" NPT air connections
  • ISO output drive and bolt pattern for easy mounting
  • NAMUR accessory mounting
  • Outout shaft is 300 stainless steel


  • Double limit switch boxes
  • Sizing for lower air supply pressures (down to 60 psi)
  • Pneumatic (3-15psi) positioners
  • Electro-pneumatic positioners (4-20mA)
  • Limit switches and transmitters available for positioners
  • BUS systems
  • Direct mount solenoids in various enclosure type and operating voltages
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