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Installation Manuals, Wiring Diagram and Best Practices Notices Library

Asahi/America is constantly upgrading and adding to our family of corrosion resistant fluid flow products. If you don't see a manual or wiring diagram you need list below please visit the appropriate product page on our website.

As featured on GlobalSpec!: Sulfuric Acid and ECTFE (Halar®) Piping Best Practices Guide

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Installation Manuals

Thermoplastic Valves

Ball Valves
Type-21 Type-23
Omni® Type-27 Labcock®
Butterfly Valves
Type-57P Type-57 IL
Type-57 LIS Type-55/Type-55 IS
Type-75 PDCPD
Pool-Pro® Type-56
Diaphragm Valves
Type-14 True Union Type-14 Flanged
Type-15 Type-72
Check Valves
Swing Check Wafer Check
TU Ball Check  
TU Foot Check  


Series 79P  
Series 92 Series 94
Series 10 Series 17

Piping Systems & Welding

Industrial/Double Wall Piping
Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping Duo-Pro® Double Containment
Fluid-Lok® Double Containment Pro-Lock® Double Containment
Piping Leak Testing Guidelines General Grade PVDF
Proline® Piping System Ultra Proline® Piping System
Pro-Vent® Exhaust System
High Purity Piping
Purad® Piping System PolyPure® Piping System
PP-Pure® Piping System  

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams 
Series 92 Wiring Series 87 Wiring
Series 94 Wiring Series 10 Wiring

Best Practices Notices

Article TitleProduct AppliedRevision Date
High Purity Sanitary Adapters and Hygenic Clamp Connections Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® PPn, PP-Pure PP May 2022
Sodium Hypchlorite (NaOCl) Chem Proline® Advanced PE Piping February 2020
Sulfuric Acid (HSO) Ultra Proline® ECTFE (Halar®) Piping September 2020