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Electric Globe Control Valve

The Asahi/America globe control valve is the most advanced available in design, features, performance, and cost effectiveness. Its design includes superior proportional control characteristics and safety features for a wide variety of applications, ranging from common fluids to the most aggressive chemicals. Accurate fluid control is achieved by positioning the valve plug to vary the aperture between the plug and the seat ring. The valve design allows the use of different plug/seat sets to provide desired flow versus travel characteristics. A wide range of controllable CV is available, from 0.23 to a maximum of 105. Reduced trim is an option.

Asahi/America offers an extensive line of modulating ball and butterfly control valves. Both electric and pneumatic actuators are available for any control mode. PTFE bellows stem sealing eliminates old-fashioned packing glands, minimizing valve maintenance, and increasing performance, safety, reliability, and useful life. The Asahi/America globe control valves provide long, reliable, accurate, and economic life without resorting to highly expensive control valves in exotic materials. Cost is surprisingly low for initial purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance.


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining



1/2" – 4"


Flanged (ANSI)

Valve Seal:

FKM, EPDM, PTFE encapsulated FKM

Temp Range:

PVC: 32° F to 140° F

PP: -5° F to 175º F

PVDF: -5° F to 265° F

PTFE: -5° F to 300° F



Stem Seal:

PTFE bellows

Flow Chart:

Linear or equal percentage


  • Precise flow control
  • Solid thermoplastic valve body provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • PTFE bellows stem seal eliminates old style packing glands and minimizes maintenance
  • Positive bubble tight shut-off
  • Plug and seat can be changed to accommodate a variety of valve coefficients (CV)
  • Plug (trim) can be characterized (linear or equal percentage) per requirements. (See below)
  • No metal-to-media contact
  • Extremely corrosion resistant actuator constructed of glass-filled Polyester (PEG) with stainless steel trim
  • 120 VAC/1ph supply voltage
  • On/off or modulation
  • 4-20 MA positioner & 4-20 MA output signal transmitter


  • Supply voltages
  • Extra (auxiliary) limit switches