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Asahi/America pioneered the market for thermoplastic valves in the United States and Latin America during a time when there was no viable alternative to metal for piping systems. Asahi/America began by promoting valves from a company known as Asahi Yukizai Corporation and piping through AGRU GmbH in Austria. Through distributor and end-user education and acceptance, the use of thermoplastics grew. Asahi/America now manufactures and distributes a full selection of corrosion resistant thermoplastic fluid flow solutions including: valves, actuators, single and double-wall piping systems, wet process solutions and specialty components through a network of over 1,000 distributors throughout the US and Latin America.

Asahi/America is a diversified ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of corrosion resistant fluid flow products. Headquartered in Lawrence, MA, where we operate a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse facility, Asahi/America supports all of our products with a comprehensive selection of in-depth technical documents and product catalogs. To access any of Asahi/America's technical documentation, testing information, or product catalogs, visit the company's web site at www.asahi-america.com or contact customer service at 800-343-3618.

What makes Asahi/America special is our ability to provide solutions for corrosive or high purity fluid handling systems individualized to meet virtually any customer's need. The Asahi/America technical staff is able to provide superior knowledge of products, applications and installations. Asahi/America is poised to support your next project with the assistance of our large distribution network.


Valves & Actuators

Asahi/America's valve and actuation products have been used in the field for over four decades. We feature a full complement of thermoplastic valves including ball, butterfly, diaphragm, globe, gate and ball check. In addition, both pneumatic and electric actuators are available to be factory-mounted to our valves in our shop or purchased separately for field mounting. Learn More »


High Purity & Wet Process Solutions

Asahi/America is poised be the complete a one source solution for your high purity and wet process needs. We feature Purad® (PVDF), PolyPure® (PPn) and PP-Pure® (Pigments PP) pipe, valves and fittings, Dymatrix™ specialty valves, and EM-Technik fittings and tubes. We also offer heat exchangers and heaters, a full fleet of welding equipment and extensive cleanroom fabrication capabilities. Learn More »

Performance - Environmental & Industrial Piping

Asahi/America features a full selection of industrial and environmental piping systems. We offer five unique double containment systems including Pro-Lok® PVC & CPVC systems, Fluid-Lok® HDPE system, Poly-Flo® Advanced PE, Chem Prolok® Advanced PE system and the versatile Duo-Pro® line. In addition, we provide a wide array of industrial single wall piping systems including Air-Pro® for compressed air, Chem Proline® Advanced PE piping system, Ultra Proline® Halar® system, Proline® polypropylene piping system and Super Proline® chemical grade PVDF system.

Problem Solved.

Our valves, actuators and piping systems have been solving corrosion problems in the world's leading industrial, municipal and entertainment installations for more than four decades. From the harshest chemicals, to the toughest weather conditions, our family of fluid flow solutions provides extended life cycle and dependable performance to a wide range of applications.

  • Ultra Pure Water
  • Theme Parks
  • Cruise Ship Construction
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing
  • Ethanol Production
  • Railroad Yard Switching Systems