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Thermoplastic Welding Equipment


Please note: In an effort to keep our welding parameters updated and consistent, we have removed the parameters from the printed literature that comes with our rental plastic welding machines. The welding parameters are now available here.

  • Plastic Welding Equipment for Purchase or Rental

    SP Series High Purity Welding

    SP 110 S V3

    The SP-S series of infrared (IR) plastic welding equipment precisely controls all movements and parameters of the heating element and pipe clamps during each phase of the thermoplastic welding process. This full automation eliminates operator influence during the fusion process and provides unequalled repeatability.

    Thermoplastic SP Welding Products:

    Butt Welding

    polygon lt

    Products designed to be lightweight and mobile for trench, rack or in place welds in the most difficult environments.


    Socket Welding


    Welding equipment designed to be efficient for shop environment. Whether high volume production or pre-fabrication of welded assemblies, each category of equipment offers features and benefits designed for the operator.



    Electrofusion Plastic Welders

    Polymatic Electrofusion Tool

    Welders ideal for final tie-in welds or difficult to reach locations, electrofusion welding equipment is capable of welding a large size range of materials. Parameters are set using barcode reader which scans the fitting barcode.


    Hot Air Welding Tool

    Hot Air Welder

    Manual hand held bead welding tool. Works with PVC, PP, PVDF and ECTFE materials.



    Options, Tools & Accessories


    Asahi/America offers a wide range of scraping and beveling tools and accessories for socket and electrofusion welding in a variety of sizes.

    Please consult us for the best recommendation.