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Manual Plastic Diaphragm Valve Options

Chain Operators for Diaphragm Valves

A chain operator is designed to be mounted to the handwheel of a diaphragm valve. The chain operator is used for operating the valve in an overhead location where the hanging looped chain is accessible. A lock-link looped chain is fed through one side of the operator and out the other, then joined continuous by using the Masterlink or by mechanical fastening. By pulling on the chain, the valve handwheel is activated to turn the valve stem either counter-clockwise to open or clockwise to close the valve. Diaphragm valves for use with chain operators must be molded body flanged. Chain operators can be factory or field installed on Asahi/America Type-14/15/G flanged-model diaphragm valves.Resources

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Ideal Applications Include:

Overhead locations, for use with ½" – 10" diaphragm valves