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Ultra Proline® ECTFE (Halar®) Piping System

Halar® (ECTFE) is a thermoplastic melt processable copolymer resin in the Fluoropolymer family consisting of ethylene (E) and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). Because of its excellent chemical and temperature resistance, Halar® piping systems are highly versatile and suitable for the broadest range of applications. Halar® can handle a pH from 1 – 14. Halar® does particularly well where other alternatives like expensive metal materials (titanium, alloy 20, 316/304L stainless steel, etc.) or lined steel are being used with limited results. Halar® is used for high concentrations of acids (like sulfuric acid) and highly oxidative applications like sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas, ozone, chlorine dioxide with great success. It is also suitable for solvents and/or high pH applications at elevated temperatures.

Halar® is joined using butt fusion – thermally fused joints have the highest integrity over all other joining methods typically used in industrial piping systems Halar® is also perfectly suited for high purity applications especially at elevated temperatures.


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Ideal Applications Include:

High concentration, sulfuric acid, pH 1-14, bleach, strong oxidizing agents (chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide)

Supply Range

Pipe and Fittings:

  • 20 - 110mm (1/2" - 4") SDR 21, 150psi


  • Ideally suited for the harshest chemical applications
  • Perfect substitute for Rigid PFA pipe
  • Ultra Proline® is available 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", and 4"
  • The ECTFE material is the optimum material for transporting sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas, ozone and chlorine dioxide
  • Offers excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • Highly versatile and suitable for the broadest range of applications
  • Ideal for solvents and/or high pH applications at elevated temperature