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Socket Welding PREP Tool (20mm - 63mm)

Natural oxidation occurs on polyolefin thermoplastics and must be removed in order to achieve the best bonding between pipe and socket fittings. Asahi's PREP tool effortlessly removes oxidation while planing and adds a bevel to the insertion face of the pipe. An added benefit of the one-step process is the marking of the desired insertion depth.






Available as a complete kit or single hand units from 20mm (1/2") through 63mm (2").

Complete Kit Includes

  • 20-63mm PREP tool with blades
  • Manual handles (2pc)
  • Driver nut
  • Storage case


Data sheet

Ideal Applications Include:

Please consult us for the best recommendation.


  • Quickly "PREP" pipe for socket welding
  • Easy to use, impossible to misuse
  • Marks insertion depth directly on pipe
  • Maintenance-free operations
  • Completely removes surface oxidation from PE, PP
  • Reduce installation time with only one operation
  • In accordance with DVS & ASTM Type B socket standards