Solutions in the Aquariums & Entertainment Industry

Asahi/America is widely recognized as the leader in valve and actuation products supplied to this important industry. The core of the aquatic animal community is the health and well-being of the animals, and therefore only the highest quality and most reliable products are put into service in a life support system. With over thirty years of successful installations, the hands-on operator’s choice of Asahi/America are a true testament to our products.


Aquariums and Entertainment

Life Support


It's not uncommon to see metallic butterfly valves installed with plastic piping. These metal butterflies tend to corrode and not function properly in a relatively short period of time. At next scheduled replacement, consider the Asahi/America Type-57 LIS butterfly valve. It has the same face-to-face dimension as an existing corroded butterfly valve, but offers many years of maintenance-free service going forward. It's the perfect retro-fit with no spacers required. Only the plastic disc and elastomeric liner are in contact with the water. Available through 8" in both manual and actuated operation.

Our Type-57 butterfly valve is the staple of the aquarium industry. The Plasgear operator ensures against corrosion attack. With its proven track record, many aquariums have standardized on this robust butterfly valve with superior performance and reliability.


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Aeration & Air Handling


Our Air-Pro® compressed air piping system is an excellent choice for pneumatic/hydraulic applications that can be found throughout the entertainment theme park industry. For channeling compressed air in high pressure water jet fountains to pneumatics for rides theme adventures, Air-Pro offers the reliability in a market that can't afford to disappoint the paying customer. Trouble free and corrosion resistant, it's the only choice.