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The Speed Handle™ is an accessory adder to the Plasgear™ gear-operator for butterfly valves. The revolving grip permits faster , single handed revolutions of the hand wheel for quicker valve actuation.

For use on Plasgears™ on Type-57/57IL/57LIS/56 & PoolPro® butterfly valves

Speed Handle Group Red      Speed Handle Group Blue

   Red Speed Handle™              Blue Speed Handle™


Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include: Aquariums, Landfills, Chemical processing, Mining


  • Designed to fit Plasgear™ operated butterfly valves
  • Butterfly valves sizes 1-1/2" – 16"
  • Sold in "Kit" form consisting of Plasgear™ hand wheel and grip
  • Available in both Red and Blue for Type-241 and Type-243 Plasgear™
  • PPG hand wheel , Nylon 6 (Black) Grip, SS400 chromate treated M10 bolt and SS M10 hex nut
  • Available as a field installable kit or as an accessory adder to current valve order.