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Expansion Calculator

A simple online tool to determine expansion of 5 different materials of pipe.

Chemical Resistance Resource Center

Working with a chemical you are not quite sure of? Use our online Chemical Resistance Selector tool to see how our valves will perform with that chemical. Also download easy-to-use charts for our piping products and valves.

Part Number Search Tool

This handy easy-to-use online tool allows you to locate Asahi/America part numbers and list prices for our entire family of corrosion-resistant fluid flow product. If you know the part number, type it into the box below to get a product description and list price. If you don't know the part number, type in a brief product description and locate the product you are searching for to find the part number and list price.

Welding Parameters

Asahi/America is proud to offer convenient, easy-to-access online welding parameters including weld temperatures, bead height, pressure, heat soak times, and cooling times.