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Dymatrix™ Specialty Valves and Control Products

The Dymatrix™ product line offers unique flow control solutions to the semiconductor industry. Dymatrix™ valves are ideally suited for CMP slurry, DI water and chemical process applications.

Asahi/America is fully committed to contributing to the needs and growth trends of the semiconductor industry. The Dymatrix™ stock program is instrumental in meeting expedited fabrication expansion schedules and increased customer demand. Asahi/America's large stocking commitments allow us to quickly deliver critical products and leverage larger manufacturing volume.

The Dymatrix™ system complements the full line of high purity piping, tubing, fittings and valves offered by Asahi/America. The ability to provide system design and clean room fabrications in conjunction with the largest range of high purity products makes Asahi/America the ideal wet process partner.

Pinch Valves



Pinch Valves (PV3, PVM, PVSL)-Our Pinch Valve's design provides superior durability and eliminates particle generation in CMP slurry applications. 


Pressure Regulators



Pressure Regulators (HPRL, HPRS)- We designed pressure regulators to provide precisely accurate and highly stable control of pressure fluctuations for flow control applications.


Flow Control Packages



Flow Control Valves (CFV) - Accurate and reliable control of flow rate for point of use and blend applications.