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Purflon® PFA Piping System Introduced


Asahi/America, the leader in high purity piping systems, introduces Purflon®, PFA high purity piping system. Purflon® is a complete piping system constructed from ultra high purity PFA resin (SEMI tested). Purflon® offers high chemical and temperature resistance making it ideal for aggressive applications. Complimented by Asahi’s SP Series cutting-edge IR and Beadless welding equipment,. In addition to pipe and fittings, a wide range of Dymatrix™ PFA valves are available to complete the system.

Purflon® can be joined using either the IR or beadless welding process. Our proprietary Beadless welding system provides improved flow, drainability and eliminates media disturbances. The Purflon® piping system utilizes our automated SP series Welding Equipment to reduce leaks and system risk from improper manual welds. The system is offered in Standard Dimensional Radio, SDR 21 rated at 150 across all sizes. Initial size range is offered in sizes 20mm-32mm (1/2" - 1"), with additional sizes available in the future.

Purflon® PFA material can handle virtually any corrosive chemical in use today. It is also recognized for its excellence resistance to heat and resistance to high temperature acids. Purflon® is ideally suited for use in chemical distribution lines for Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Process applications.
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