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SP Series High Purity Welding

SP 110-S V3 IR Welding Tool

Available for Purchase or Rental

The next generation of IR technology, the SP 110-S V3 controls all equipment movements and parameters during each phase of the welding process (heating, change over, joining and cooling). The heating element and clamps are precisely controlled and moved by the welding equipment. This full automation eliminates operator influence during the fusion process and provides unmatched repeatability.

Ideal Applications Include: Best used for PP, PPn, PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA thermoplastic piping system welds.


Size Range:

20mm - 110mm (1/2” - 4”)


Single Wall


PP, PPn, PVDF, Poly-Flo, ECTFE, PFA(optional)

Transformer Power:

Plug: 110V

Tool: 230V / 15A

Working Dimensions:

31 x 33 x 51


Shipping Dimmensions:

 31 x 38 x 52

Shipping Weight:

575 lbs.


  • Automated planing depth feature
  • Automated fusion process
  • Internal validation program
  • Printer and cleanroom labels
  • 110 to 230 VAC power converter
  • Ideal for shop operation


  • IR Welding


  • PFA Capable Tool
  • SP 110-S RFID Operator Card
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