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Single Wall High Purity Plastic Piping Systems

PFA High Puirty Piping System

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Available in 20 - 32mm (1/2" - 1") piping and fitting, Purflon® is constructed from ultra high purity PFA resin. Purflon® is SEMI tested. In addition to standard pipe and fittings, PFA diaphragm and needle valves and pressure regulators are also available.

Purflon® can be joined using the IR welding process. Standard Dimensional Ratio (SDR) system provides a consistent pressure rating across all sizes.

Purflon® PFA tubing can handle virtually any corrosive chemical in use today. It is also recognized for its excellence resistance to heat and usefulness in extremely cold temperatures. Purflon® is ideally suited for use in ultrapure chemical transfer, chemical laboratory and medical applications.


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Ideal Applications Include:

Ultrapure Chemical Transfer, Elevated Temperature, Aggressive Chemical, Biotech and Laboratory


20 - 32mm (1/2" - 1")

IR Fittings:

Offered in size ranges 20 - 32mm (1/2" - 1")


Designed for critical service where high temperature and pressure are required. Perfect for hot chemical transfer for microelectronics manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

Purflon features a standard dimensional ratio (SDR) of 21 in metric sizes 20mm (1/2") - 32mm (1").

SDR21 fittings and pipe provide high flow through using less material than Schedule systems.

  • Ultra high purity PFA resin (SEMI tested)
  • High chemical and temperature resistance make it ideal for aggressive applications
  • Complemented by Asahi's cutting-edge welding equipment
  • Welded joints reduce leaks and system risk
  • Available with Dymatrix valves


SP Series Welding Technology

Infrared (IR) Welds

Transition fittings to adapt from tubing or schedule systems are available per request. S-300, flare and NPT fittings can be utilized as well where required.