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Single Wall High Purity Plastic Piping Systems

PFA High Puirty Piping System

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Available in 20 - 32mm (1/2" - 1") piping and fitting, Purflon® is constructed from ultra high purity PFA resin. Purflon® is SEMI tested In addition to standard pipe and fittings, PFA diaphragm and needle valves and pressure regulators are also available.

Purflon® can be joined using either the beadless or IR welding process. Beadless welding of the pipe and fitting provides for improved flow & drainability and reduces risk of system failure resulting for leaks from weak or improper welds. Standard Dimensional Ratio (SDR) system provides consistent pressure rating across all sizes.

Purflon® PFA tubing can handle virtually any corrosive chemical in use today. It is also recognized for its excellence resistance to heat and usefulness in extremely cold temperatures. Purflon® is ideally suited for use in ultrapure chemical transfer, chemical laboratory & medical applications.


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Ideal Applications Include:

Ultrapure Chemical Transfer, Elevated Temperature, Aggressive Chemical, Biotech and Laboratory


20-32mm (1/2"-1")

IR and Beadless Fittings:

Offered in size ranges 20-32mm (1/2"- 1")



Designed for critical service where high temperature and pressure are required. Perfect for hot chemical transfer for microelectronics manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

Purflon features a standard dimensional ratio (SDR) of 21 in metric sizes 20mm (1/2") through 32mm (1").

SDR21 fittings and pipe provide high flow through using less material than Schedule systems.

  • Ultra high purity PFA resin (SEMI tested)
  • High chemical and temperature resistance make it ideal for aggressive applications
  • Complimented by Asahi's cutting-edge welding equipment
  • Welded joints reduce leaks and system risk
  • Available with Dymatrix valves





SP Series Welding Technology

Infrared & Beadless


Purflon infrared (IR) welds do not create an orifice (or neck) when welded as typically seen on tubing or schedule systems.

For even more critical applications, true beadless welding technology is achieved using SP 110-B welding equipment and specially designed High Purity balloons.

Transition fittings to adapt from tubing or schedule systems are available per request. S-300, Flare and NPT fittings can be utilized as well where required.