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Chem Proline® and Chem Prolok® NSF-61G Certified


Asahi/America, Inc.'s Chem Proline® and Chem Prolok® piping systems have been certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61-G. The NSF/ANSI Standard 61-G Drinking Water System Components certification is the nationally recognized health effects standard for all devices, components, and materials that contact drinking water.

Made from revolutionary PE resin, Chem Proline® pipe and fittings possess the greatest resistance to slow crack growth. Chem Proline® is a lower cost alternative to metal, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and lined steel pipe. A complete system includes pipe, fittings, and valves. Available in pipe sizes up to 12", Chem Proline® is ideally suited for use in water treatment and chemical process applications using a variety of chemicals including sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda and low concentration acids.

Chem Prolok™ is a fabricated double wall piping system manufactured from Chem Proline® single wall pipe. Chem Prolok® provides a low installed cost and safe long-term, maintenance-free service. Chem Prolok™ is available in pipe and fitting sizes from 1" x 3" through 12" x 16" and is suitable for both above and in-ground applications.